Energy efficient compressed air solutions

Evo fixed speed air compressors

Evo fixed speed air compressors

Avelair's evo range of fixed speed air compressors are one of the most reliable & efficient air compressors on the market today offering high compressed air output to energy, saving you money long term.

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evo range – one of the most reliable & efficient air compressors

The Avelair evo fixed speed compressors are efficient to constant air demand users. When air demand reduces, the compressors will run offload making it less efficient to run than a variable speed compressor.

The Avelair range of evo air compressors use the latest rolling profile airends ensuring optimum efficientcy.  They are the product of vigorous testing and re-evaluation, which has resulted in one of the most dependable air compressors on the market today. All our air compressors are extensively tested before leaving the factory ensuring long term reliability and giving you peace of mind.

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Benefits of our evo fixed speed air compressors

8 year performance warranty

8 year performance warranty

Our compressors are built in the UK offering a full technical, service and sales backup.

Design & manoeuvrability

Design & manoeuvrability

The compressors have been developed for ease of maintenance and reliability. The compressors can also be serviced from the front allowing them to be positioned against a wall. The complete range of Avelair compressors have specifically designed holes for forklifts enabling ease of installation.

Low noise

Low noise

Extremely low noise operating levels allow positioning of compressors within the work place, even in the immediate vicinity of personnel

High efficiency

High efficiency

High efficiency motors are used throughout the range offering less consumed power than standard motors. Latest rolling profile airend technology ensures optimum air output to energy input.

Constant compressed air demand

A fixed speed air compressor uses conventional starter gear to start the electric motor and run it at full speed. The compressor adapts to demand for compressed air by either producing 100% of it’s capacity, or none. When air is required it runs at full capacity, when demand for compressed air drops, it stops making compressed air altogether although the motor keeps on running.

This means that it is either using maximum energy to create compressed air, or slightly less than half of the energy to keep the motor running when it is not making compressed air.  For instance, an 11 kW compressor will use 11 kW of energy when running at full capacity (known as ‘on load’) and 4.4 kW of energy when running at no capacity (known as ‘off load’).

Therefore a fixed speed compressor is energy efficient when it is supplying compressed air for a demand that is relatively static and matched closely to the maximum capacity of the compressor.  Running this kind of compressor when demand is low results in wasted energy because the motor is using energy but there is no compressed air being made.

Avelair’s fixed speed air compressors model types

As standard we build compressors with a motor size of 2.2kW to 90kW – although we are open to bespoke work – please contact us today if you need any help or advice.

ModelMotorCapacity 8 barCapacity 10 barReceiver sizeBuilt on dryer /
filters optional
evo 2.22.2kW15 cfm26 m3/hrn/an/a250Lyes
evo 3.73.7kW21 cfm36 m3/hr19 cfm32 m3/hr250Lyes
evo 44kW24 cfm40 m3/hr23 cfm38 m3/hr250Lyes
evo 5.55.5kW36 cfm61 m3/hr31 cfm53 m3/hr250Lyes
evo 7.57.5kW41 cfm70 m3/hr37 cfm63 m3/hr250Lyes
evo1111kW58 cfm99 m3/hr51 cfm87 m3/hr300Lyes
evo 1515kW74 cfm126 m3/hr69 cfm117 m3/hr300Lyes
evo 15X15kW88 cfm150 m3/hr80 cfm136 m3/hr660Lyes
evo 18.518.5kW108 cfm183 m3/hr94 cfm160 m3/hr660Lyes
evo 2222kW120 cfm204 m3/hr106 cfm180 m3/hr660Lyes
evo 3030kW154 cfm262 m3/hr143 cfm243 m3/hr660L
evo 3737kW173 cfm294 m3/hr153 cfm260 m3/hr660L
evo 30X30kW181 cfm307 m3/hr162 cfm275 m3/hr
evo 37X37kW222 cfm377 m3/hr197 cfm335 m3/hr
evo 4545kW263 cfm447 m3/hr235 cfm399 m3/hr
evo 5555kW327 cfm559 m3/hr288 cfm490 m3/hr
evo 55X55kW390 cfm663 m3/hr341 cfm580 m3/hr
evo 7575kW466 cfm792 m3/hr414 cfm704 m3/h
evo 9090kW581 cfm988 m3/hr518 cfm881 m3/hr

Evo fixed speed air compressors case studies

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