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Duty / Standby WIMES 22kW air compressors for the water industry

Duty / Standby WIMES 22kW air compressors for the water industry

Two new Avelair 22kW rotary screw air compressors manufactured in accordance with WIMES (The Water Industry and Mechanical Engineering Standards) are being dispatched today for use in the Water Industry.  These high quality air compressors have been designed and manufactured here in the UK and are fully supported with ISO 9001 quality management documentation to ensure it meets the stringent requirements.

The Avelair WIMES air compressors are fitted with a HAND/AUTO function to enable controlling remotely by higher level controllers or locally for testing maintenance activities.  They have a local controller with an LCD display, which shall show alarm/fault codes and status of the compressor. In addition, the electrical control system is fitted with volt free alarm/fault/status connections to be connected to telemetry or higher-level controllers for diagnostics.  Additionally, they have a power out re-start function to allow for a controlled automatic re-start in the event of short-term power outages.

Most improtantly, the emergency stops functions use certified devices and Avelair have a documented assessment for reliability against BS EN 13849.

The compressors  are designed to work in low ambient temperatures and have internal frost protection kits along with anti condensation heaters integral to the motors.  The compressor use the latest in encapsulated airend technology that offer high output to energy input, low noise levels and ease of servicing. Further to that there is therefore no requirement for a separate oil vessel eliminating the need for a vessel inspection reducing downtime and future costs.

Avelair can supply compressors from 2.2kW up to 160kW built to the Water Industry and Mechanical Engineering Standards so please contact the team on 01359 272828 to see how we can help.


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