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Integra Compressor Range

Integra Compressor Range

The innovative evo / VSD Integra range is a highly efficient and reliable receiver mounted rotary screw air compressor with built on refrigerant dryer and filtration.

8 year warranty

The innovative evo / VSD Integra range is a highly efficient and reliable receiver mounted rotary screw air compressor with built on refrigerant dryer and filtration.

Benefits include:

  • Oil free compressed air (ISO8573 Class 2)
  • Dry compressed air (3 – 5˚C dewpoint)
  • Reliable and compact solution and easy to install
  • Add further air treatment as required – see additional options below.

Integrated compressed air dryer

When compressed air cools after compression, water is precipitated in the form of an oily condensate. This can travel downstream in the pipe work where it can damage equipment and cause product spoilage. The Avelair refrigerant dryer will remove this moisture down to 3˚C dewpoint and offers protection to your downstream equipment, product and services.

Integrated filtration

Oil and hydrocarbons from the ambient air and the compression process are carried across into the compressed air. The Avelair in line filters remove this contaminant from the system and will prevent damage to equipment, product spoilage and services.

Add alternative options below to ensure the Integra range meets your requirements.

Integra Compressor Range

Additional options

Additional filtration – validated to ISO 12500:
2nd stage M filter: residual oil content of 0.03mg/m3 ISO 8573 class 2

3rd stage S filter: residual oil content of <0.01mg/m3 ISO 8573 class 1

4th stage A filter: activated carbon for removal of oil vapour

Integrated desiccant compressed air dryer
The desiccant dryer will reduce the dewpoint down to -40˚C offering very dry air for outside or critical applications.

Integrated breathing air dryer
The breathing air pack removes water and water vapour, oil and oil vapours, particles, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide in line with BS EN 12021:2014.

Integrated zero loss condensate drain on receiver:
Oily water will condensate in the receiver as the compressed air cools. A condensate drain will automatically remove this condensate from the receiver. This condensate needs to be removed otherwise it will be pushed downstream in the compressed air and the storage receiver will fill up with condensate and reduce it’s storage capacity.

Integrated Condensate Management System:
The condensate removed by the dryer, filtration and drain is a contaminated liquid and hence needs to be dealt with effectively. The Condensate Management System will collect this contaminant and will purify it to the legal discharge limits for a foul sewer drain.


Our Integra Compressor Range

Avelair run a continuous improvement program and as such details are subject to change without notice.

ModelMotorCapacity 8 barCapacity 10 barReceiver sizeBuilt on dryer / filter
evo 2.2 Integra2.2kW10 cfm34 m3/hrn/an/a250Lyes
evo 4 Integra4kW25 cfm43m3/hr19 cfm32 m3/hr250Lyes
evo 5.5 Integra5.5kW35 cfm60 m3/hr29 cfm49 m3/hr250Lyes
evo 7.5 Integra7.5kW39 cfm66 m3/hr33 cfm56 m3/hr250Lyes
evo11 Integra11kW58 cfm99 m3/hr49 cfm83 m3/hr300Lyes
evo 15 Integra15kW72 cfm122 m3/hr56 cfm95 m3/hr300Lyes
evo 15X Integra15kW88 cfm150 m3/hr80 cfm136 m3/hr660Lyes
evo 18.5 Integra18.5kW108 cfm183 m3/hr94 cfm160 m3/hr660Lyes
evo 22 Integra22kW120 cfm204 m3/hr106 cfm180 m3/hr660Lyes

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