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The Super Silenced Air Compressor

Last year, a lovely lady from Netzsch Instruments contacted us to discuss their upcoming compressed air requirements for their new training and application instruments. The project was complex – it required a very reliable 100% rated compressed air system with a dewpoint of -40C and housed outside in an external office environment – hence the noise level had to be extremely quiet. Although the Avelair air compressor is already a quiet air compressor, the requirement was to have the noise level sub 60dbA.

The client looked in detail at a number of noise reduction enclosure specialists and their designs – they chose to work with AGS Noise Control. The robust enclosure achieved the  sub 55dbA noise level and the sound from the air compressor was hardly audible. The construction of the enclsoure was designed with 100mm thick high-performance acoustic panels with a high density acoustically absorbent mineral wool installed within. The ventilation was achieved through inlet and extract attenuators and an extract fan mounted within the roof of the acoustic enclosure.

Last month, after great project management with all parties from the client, this system was installed – the Avelair EVO 3.7KW Integra-D single phase Avelair rotary screw air compressor with integrated desiccant dryer and filtration offering air quality to ISO 9001 class 1.2.1 and the enclosure achieved the required super silencing requirement.

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