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Watercooled VSD compressor installation offering optimum efficiency

Watercooled VSD compressor installation offering optimum efficiency

Case Study: Water cooled air compressors reduce running costs at laundry company

One of the leading UK laundry services has invested into the latest Avelair variable speed water cooled air compressors for their cleaning production line.

The water cooled air compressor technology uses internal heat exchangers for the airend lubricant and hot internal compressed air to heat up the process water. This technology reduces the energy costs in heating the process water. Typical air cooled air compressors use a fan and aftercooler to remove this heat and nominally 85% of the motor power is discharged into the atmosphere. The water cooled technology is thus free energy for heating. The variable speed technology ramps the motor speed in response to air demand and hence you only pay for the energy you use. This doubles up the efficiency and is the ultimate solution to reduce plant running costs.

Avelair offers solution based services and products so contact us to see how we can help you drive your running costs down and increase your profits.

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