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270KW of compressed air power…

270KW of compressed air power…

Manchester University nitrogen project

Avelair have recently installed three 90kW VSD variable speed drive rotary screw air compressors along with filtration and dryers into Manchester University.  The compressors were installed along side heatless desiccant dryers to offer a -40C dewpoint to feed the nitrogen generators for the Universities physics department.

The Avelair VSD air compressors use inverter technology to ramp the motor speed and output of the air compressors to meet the need of the PSA Nitrogen generators.  This results in significant savings for the University whilst maintaining the possibility of maximum flow when required.

PSA nitrogen generators use a two tower system which are filled with carbon molecular sieve. Oxygen and other  gases are adsorbed by the Carbon molecular sieve and thus allowing nitrogen to pass through.

All Avelair compressors are manufactured in the UK with full aftercare backup and come with a 5 year warranty offering peace of mind.

Contact us for further details on energy efficiency or your nitrogen requirements.


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