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NEW INTEGRA range – oil free and dry air

NEW INTEGRA range – oil free and dry air

The new innovative AVELAIR evo / VSD INTEGRA range is a highly efficient and reliable receiver mounted rotary screw air compressor with built on dryer and filtration technology offering dry and oil free compressed air.

Ensuring you have the right level of air treatment is extremely important. When compressed air cools after compression, water is precipitated in the form of an oily condensate. Further to that, oil and hydrocarbons from the ambient air and the compression process are carried across into the compressed air. This can travel downstream in the pipe work where it can damage equipment and cause product spoilage.

Avelair’s Integra range of air compressors offers a reliable, compact and easy to install solution. The air compressor system is designed to offer oil free and dry air to the required level for the client’s requirements.  This is achieved by integrating the required level of dryer and filtration technology.  The Integra range has the option of an integrated refrigerant dryer which offers a 3C dewpoint or a desiccant dryer which offers a much lower dewpoint of down to -40C.  Oil free compressed air can be achieved down to ISO 8573 class 1 with up to 3 levels of filtration.  This all ensures you have reliability and efficiency in your machinery and processes downstream.

Integra Air Compressor

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