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Guaranteed ISO 8573 Class 0 Oil Free Compressed Air

The Avelair Ecotec Oil Free compressed air system offers absolute oil free compressed air – Pure Class O air.  It further actively reduces fungi, bacteria, viruses and converts silicone to silica in compressed air.

Hydrocarbons are present in the ambient air and the quality measured in the main cities in the UK is approximately 0.015 mg/m3,  equivalent to ISO 8573 Class 2 for oil.  An oil-free compressor will not add oil but will compress the hydrocarbons / oil in the ambient air and offer contaminated compressed air.  The Ecotec can be used downstream of oil-injected or oil-free compressors for guaranteed oil-free air.

This technology allows us to offer an absolute class 0 oil free air system regardless of the ambient air quality.  Click on the video below to see how the technology works.

Installation of an Ecotec System on an Avelair rotary screw air compressor

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