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New SMART desiccant dryers – ultra efficient

New SMART desiccant dryers – ultra efficient

Highest efficiency with lowest consumption of air

The Avelair Smart desicant dryer offers a high quality and efficient solution to removing moisture from your compressed air down to a -40C dewpoint.  It has an UltraSilencer built in that will reduce the sound level down to 60 dB(A) which allows you the freedom to choose the best location to install the dryer, even close to workplaces.  The internal desiccant cartridges have been designed with very low pressure drops.  The dryer also comes with integrated filtration – the filtration technology uses a new structure of coated high-tech fibres that are processed into a pleasted filter medium with a high separation efficiency.  The multlayer structure of the new filter medium is designed so that optimal aerodynamic conditions are acheived, simultaneously providing a filter surface that is over 400% larger by comparison than wrapped filter media.

The Smart desiccant dryer has been designed with efficiency in mind and all the components are flow optimised.  Furthermore, the intermittent operation ensures minimal consumption of regeneration air.  With the dewpoint depndent capacity control, the dryer adapts regeneration cycles to your actual operation conditions and switches to energy saving mode whenever beneficial.

Contact the team for further information on how the Smart desiccant dryer can solve your compressed air concerns.  Email or call the team on 01359 272828.

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