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New Energy Saving Product – Energy-Saver Valve

New Energy Saving Product – Energy-Saver Valve

Reduce running and servicing costs

The Avelair Energy-Saver will automatcially open the compressed air valve at the beginning of a working shift and close off the air flow again when the working shift is over. From that point on, the compressed air will remain in the air receiver until the next working shift, rather then being lost through leakages.

The Energy-Saver automatic valve is typically installed on the air outlet of the air receiver. Alternatively, it is applied in larger factories to close off certain parts of the compressed air system, where during certain parts of the day no compressed air is required.

The clever and versatile programming feature allows for customer specific settings and is totally adaptable to the working hours of each individual factory.
A typical compressed air system has air losses through pipe works connections and leaking float type drains etc.
By installing an Energy-Saver the end user will limit air losses.

The control module offers programming simplicity and exciting display features, offering you visual information and company branding options.

The Energy-Saver automatic valve is available in 1″ or 2″. A remote switching kit is available to operate the Energy-Saver from a distance.

Download the full spec sheet for technical specifications and commercial benefits.

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