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Leading Precision Engineering company invests into efficiency

Leading Precision Engineering company invests into efficiency

A leading Precision Engineering company situated in East Anglia have invested into reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring long term reliability of their compressed air system. The company has a variety of machinery that used compressed air enabling them to produce and deliver a wide range of components to many sectors of the industry.  Compressed air is vital to their production so Alex De-Moore, Avelair’s Compressed Air Consultant, installed data logging onto the existing compressor to ascertain their current usage, pressure, and energy costs to ensure the best solution was put forward in terms of reduction of carbon footprint, reliability and future growth potential.

Once the data logging was completed and a detailed report drafted, the client and Alex discussed the best way forward which was to invest into a compressor big enough to cope with the companies full compressed air demand, and for their future growth.  Variable speed was the obvious choice – The Avelair variable speed compressor uses a highly efficient inverter to ramp the motor in response to air demand so they only pay for the air that they use – this ensures that they can use the compressor currently for less output and reduced cost whilst knowing they have spare capacity for the future.   This will reduce the carbon footprint for their compressed air use whilst also saving them electrical running costs.  The Avelair Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor is designed and manufactured in the UK offering unrivaled aftercare support.  Contact the team to see how we can help.

The highly efficient Avelair Variable Speed Compressor has replaced a  fixed speed vane compressor.


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