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The importance of Safety Integrity Levels in Atex Compressors

The importance of Safety Integrity Levels in Atex Compressors

SIL - Safety Integrity Levels

Why SIL?
Companies have a MORAL, LEGAL, and FINANCIAL obligation to, as far reasonably practical, ensure their equipment will not cause harm to people or the environment.  Equipment designed to work in a hazardous environment can present a significant hazard. So how do companies justify that the control systems they employ to monitor and mitigate against explosion risk are suitable for their intended purpose? One way, is to provide a measured documented amount of confidence they are suitable, and to design and implement these functions giving a safety integrity level (SIL). To have a measured amount of confidence, a full system safety lifecycle process MUST be performed and documented.  To give a safety function a SIL, the following 3 things MUST be assessed and achieved.

Systematic Capability
An assessment of the design, testing and procedures for the complete system and also the implementing of
each safety function within the system giving clear safety and optimal design. This also includes the
competence of the persons performing these tasks.

Random Hardware Reliability
How likely is the safety function to fail when required to operate. This is the statistical probability of the safety
functions reliability.

ATEX Air Compressors

Architectural Constraints
An assessment of the safety function architecture and hardware fault tolerance, for instance, if a single channel safety function had a single failure you lose the safety function, where a two channel safety function would retain the safety function with a single failure.  The Avelair ATEX-GAS COMPRESSOR does not compromise on SAFETY as the key safety circuits have a validated SAFETY INTEGRITY LEVEL of 2 (SIL2) and is therefore one of…
…the safest compressors for use in a hazardous area.



Safety you can trust.

Avelair’s Atex rotary screw air compressors and gas compressors have Safety Integrity Levels to ensure the compressors are safe and reliable to work in hazardous areas.  The have been used in numerous applications such as breathing air and process air on offshore floating platforms and rigs and also for biogas and natural gas boosting.

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