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Face mask fitting for the Suffolk based Avelair team

Face mask fitting for the Suffolk based Avelair team

Taking Health and Safety seriously

In line with our continual improvement strategy, Paul Bell-Tye, Avelair’s Service Manager, has implemented face mask fitting for the Avelair team.

Fit testing should be carried out as part of the initial mask selection process and this is supported by guidance in COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and thus ensures that inadequately fitting face pieces are not selected for use which could then lead to a detriment to health.  The qualitative test is carried out on half masks and the test takes around 20 minutes which involves wearing a hood over the head and shoulders.  The tester sprays a bitter tasting solution into the hood whilst the delegate carries out a series of exercises, i.e. turning head from side to side. If the wearer can taste the solution then the mask does not fit correctly and an alternate mask should be tried.

This test will be carried out on a regular basis but more so if the employee gains or loses weight or develop facial changes such as scarring as this will change the tightness of the mask around the face.

Air compressor servicing in Exeter & East Anglia

The Avelair team offer high level of air compressor servicing which at times may involve blowing out of coolers and dirty components, drilling, paint fumes and other dusty environments.  It is essential that their PPE is to the highest level when servicing air compressors and related equipment.  Avelair are ISO 9001 accredited for manufacturing of air compressors and servicing air compressors and we are continually looking to improve.

Alongside this we are Safecontractor certified for air compressor servicing.

The HSE document, ‘Fit Testing of Respiratory Protective Facepieces, OC282/28‘, gives information on the legal requirement for testing and lays down the protocol for carrying out a test.


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