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Essential Safety in our ATEX compressors

Essential Safety in our ATEX compressors

Avelair is an OE manufacturer of bespoke compressed air systems for many industries and applications. We design, build and test all their systems in house at the facility based in the UK by our experienced technical team.

Designing an ATEX compliant compressed air system, Avelair required a partner that could offer them comprehensive certification and documentation to enable them to complete a thorough robust safety lifecycle documentation package for the system.

Matt Hart one of Avelairs technical team explains why Avelair choose PR Electronics as their partner and supplier for signal converter devices;

“PR Electronics quickly identified our requirements for devices with full hardware and software SIL certification and full FMEDA to aid us in our own system failure analysis. They quickly responded and supplied us with safety related signal converters that could be used in Intrinsically safe circuits and also a plain version that could be used in other safety related circuits.”

Reduced training requirements and site commissioning times.

“Having just one easy to use device managing all our safety related signals was a significant advantage in implementing and maintaining our safe systems, and significantly reduces the potential for systematic errors during these phases of the system lifecycle. The clear and easy way to set up the PR Electronics devices with the fascia’s was an clear advantage as this reduced training requirements and site commissioning times”, Matt Hart says and concludes:

“We worked closely with PR Electronics on this project, we both have the same values in that to ensure the safest reliable system possible, PR Electronics helped us achieve this. We now, have what we believe, is the safest most reliable compressed air system for use in potentially explosive atmospheres on the market”.

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