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Case Study: Outdoor weatherproof compressor

Case Study: Outdoor weatherproof compressor

Avelair have recently supplied a leading food manufacturing company with a new Variable Speed 45kW rotary screw air compressor.  Nothing unusual about this apart from the fact that this compressor was designed to be located outdoor exposed to the weather.  The compressor had specific panels fabricated which were zinc primed and then coated with a C2 outdoor paint finish to ensure it does not rust in the future.  The control cabinet was manufactured to IP rating to ensure there was no water ingress and frost protection heating was installed within the control cabinet and the mechanical cabinet offering reliability for the winter months.  A hot air discharge duct has been installed to blow the hot air away from the intake (ensuring no hot air recirculation) and to stop rain / snow impeding the aftercoooler.

The client opted for a variable speed compressor to ensure high energy savings as the inverter will ramp the motor speed in response to air demand and so they only pay for the air they require.  The client already has two other Avelair compressors on site and therefore installed an SX compressor management controller to ensure the most suited compressor or compressors run at any one time.  This will ensure rotation of the compressors but will also ensure the most efficient compressors runs when required.

A new desiccant dryer with filtration was also supplied to ensure the air quality downstream was extremely dry and oil free and thus complies with the guidelines from the British Compressed Air Society for contact applications for food.  The desiccant dryer reduces the dewpoint down to -40C and the filtration offers oil free air to ISO 8573 class 1.

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