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Avelair – 440kW Compressed Air Installation

Avelair – 440kW Compressed Air Installation

Case Study: Avelair have recently commissioned one of its largest UK compressed air installations in a leading recycling plant. 

The compressed air is being used in a new recycling facility to process 120,000 tonnes per annum of mixed wastes, from which it will produce aggregates and refuse derived fuel.  The tonnage is made up of 90,000 tonnes per year of RDF, 20,000 tonnes of inert waste and a further 10,000 tonnes of wood waste.  At the site, mixed wastes are deposited and then are brought through the facility via processes which are largely automated and consists of shredding, optical sorting, trommels, ballistic separators, magnets and baling.  This produces refuse derived fuel, with aggregates, metals, plastics and fines as by-products.

Design and Manufacture through to installation:

Four Variable Speed 110kW Avelair rotary screw air compressors were manufactured at the Avelair Production Facility in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and were installed at the site in a dedicated plant room along with compressed air filtration, dryer, 5000L galvanised air receiver and condensate management system.  The variable speed air compressors are linked to an intelligent air compressor management controller ensuring they are operating in the most efficient manner possible, creating a reduced pressure band, sequencing to even run hours and offering back up compressed air when maintenance is required.

The variable speed air compressors have in built inverter technology on the main high efficiency motor and on the fan motors ensuring optimum energy efficiency.  The airend selected uses the latest in smooth rolling profile producing higher compressed air output to energy input compared to other compressor technologies.

Pipework and site installation

Avelair’s team were involved from the design phase of the project to ensure adequate air supply and pressure through to the correct air quality in the plant.  This then involved installation of over a kilometer of smooth bore aluminium pipework consisting of 100mm / 80mm and 50mm pipework to the optical separators, balers and air hoses.  1000L vertical galvanised air receivers have been located by each optical separator providing adequate pressure and flow for the separation of the recycled material.

All the equipment was installed in a dedicated plant room with ductwork and fans for removal of the hot air and intake fans offering adequate clean cooling air to create an optimum environment for longevity and reliability of the plant.


The Avelair Service Team will look after the equipment on an ongoing basis completing preventative maintenance to guarantee long term reliability, continued safety and to maintain air quality.  The compressors have been offered with the 8 year performance+ airend warranty offered so the client can be confident in the product.   With parts on the shelf in the UK, our team can offer an unrivalled service backup whilst being on call 24/7.

Guarantee of work

Avelair have over 100 years combined experience in compressed air design, manufacturing and installations – we were chosen as the preferred supplier based on the following reasons:

  • Vast experience in project design and quality installations of compressed air systems
  • Quality compressors designed and manufactured by Avelair in the UK and come with an 8 year airend warranty.
  • We have a robust UKAS Accredited Quality Management System with the British Standards Institute for compressed air design, manufacturing and installation.
  • Our installation team are Safecontractor approved for Health and Safety
  • We hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance offering confidence to the client that our design will work effectively.

Quality guaranteed.


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