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VSD air compressor installation in Cambridgeshire

VSD air compressor installation in Cambridgeshire

Case Study: Benefits of Variable Speed Technology in exposed ambient conditions

Earlier in the year, the Avelair service team completed the installation of a turnkey compressed air system exposed to ambient conditions for a grain packaging company.  The solution based proposal was to ensure reliability throughout the colder months and also efficiency as the demand was looking to increase in the near future.

The solution was the Avelair VSD 37 variable speed compressor with frost protection kit with suitable ancillary equipment.  The variable speed compressor varies the demand to the client’s air requirements ensuring they only pay for the air that they use.  A desiccant dryer with dewpoint dependent switching was chosen to ensure the air is kept dry throughout the year.  This is critical in the winter months when there is the possibility of valves freezing if moisture is in the compressed air pipework.

Air compressor installation in Cambridgeshire

Although the solution was slightly higher in capital outlay than other tenders, our solution based offering ensured long term reliability and efficiency which would payback extremely quickly.

A condensate management system was installed to treat the condensate.  The condensate, a by-product from the compressed air system, is a contaminated fluid mainly consisting of water, but also with traces of oil and dirt and hence needs to be treated as contaminated waste.  The Avelair condensate management system splits the oily condensate into “clean” condensate that can be piped to a foul sewer and the traces of oil and dirt left over can be removed as a contaminated waste at regular service intervals.

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