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New Variable Speed Air Compressor for Norfolk firm

New Variable Speed Air Compressor for Norfolk firm

Case Study: Air compressors supplied in Norfolk, East Anglia

Avelair has recently supplied a new variable speed air compressor system to a packaging company in Norfolk, East Anglia.  The client is a UK based manufacturer of cardboard packaging, boxes and corrugated products. Their new machine requires air quality to ISO 8573 class 1.4.2 and the demand was variable.  The Avelair VSD air compressor uses an inverter to ramp the motor speed in line with the demand for air and hence ensures maximum efficiency and reduces running costs.  Our UK manufactured air compressor is also fitted with a premium efficiency IE 3 motor offering further reductions in running costs.  The system was supplied as a turnkey package with receiver, autodrain, filtration, refrigerant dryer technology and a condensate management system.

Air compressor consultancy in Norfolk

Avelair has recently supplied a number of clients with air compressors in Norfolk and our team are happy to offer free consultancy to ensure we offer the most efficient compressed air system for your use.

Our state of the art data loggers can be installed to take readings of the amp draws and pressure every second.  This data is then plotted on graphs to detail the air supply, air demand, pressure, status, productive and non-productive running costs.  This information allows us and our clients to understand how they are using their compressed air and to implement cost reducing systems and processes.

UK manufactured air compressors

Avelair supply UK manufactured efficient and reliable air compressors in Norfolk. Contact our team on 01359 272828 to see how we can help you.

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