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Avelair's journey to Net Zero

Our Journey to Net Zero

As a UK manufacturer and service provider within the compressed air industry, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of global climate change, improve public health and maintain biodiversity in the world.

In 2022, we partnered with Positive Planet to begin our journey to Net Zero. In 2023 we completed our second carbon footprint measurement, set some near and long-term Science Based Targets (SBTs) and agreed on some priority actions for the year ahead.  Avelair is committed to reaching Net Zero by 2045.

Some of our completed actions to date include the following:

Building and Waste
To reduce energy use and the associated emissions we have upgraded all windows in our building to double glazing and all lighting to LEDs. We also improved recycling rates via a campaign focused on proper waste sorting and the introduction of electrical item recycling. We also have improved the number of things we reuse, by reusing cleaning rags and purchasing rechargeable batteries, and have taken action to reduce the amount of physical mail we receive, by unsubscribing from magazine subscriptions.

So far, we have upgraded two vehicles from combustion engine vehicles to a fully electric vehicle and a hybrid vehicle. We have also installed charging facilities at our office (one charger) and in two employee homes. We are committed to exploring opportunities for further fleet upgrades but are expecting this to take a little longer with our commercial vehicles due to range.

Packaging and Product Manuals
We switched from plastic tape to paper tape for our packages –paper tape is estimated to produce up to two-thirds less carbon during production than plastic tape, andis more likely to be made of recycled materials. We also switched from using printed boxes to non-printed boxes, reducing the need for inks and energy for the printing process.All ofour product manuals are now also cloud-based whereas previously these would be shared as hard copies or via flash drives.

We are proud of the progress we have made to date but aware there is still much more to come as we aim to become net zero by 2045.

Our team are also focused on assisting our clients with reducing their carbon emmissions from their compressed air systems by in depth data logging, leak reduction, pressure reduction and ensuring you have the most efficient compressed air system – speak to our team to see how we can assist you on 01359 272828…




Posted on: February 29th 2024    •    Posted in: Company News

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