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Choose Pure oil free compressed air

Choose Pure oil free compressed air

Pure: (adj) free of any contamination…The Avelair Pure rotary screw air compressor uses the latest design in catalytic technology offering absolute class 0 (TUV certified) oil free compressed air.  Varying levels of hydrocarbons are present in the ambient air and a traditional oil-free compressor will not add oil but will compress the hydrocarbons / oil in the ambient air and can potentially offer contaminated compressed air downstream.

The unique design of the Avelair Pure compressor offers extremely high oil free air quality regardless of intake conditions.

It provides the best solution for critical processes where absolute oil free and silicone free compressed air is required.

Perfect for all oil free applications:
ISO 8573 class 0 and TUV certified oil free air down to 0.002 mg/m³, the Avelair Pure compressor offers the cleanest air on the market today.

Perfect for the spray painting industry:
“Fish eye” coating defects are usually caused by silicone oil and grease on a coating substrate which can be delivered in the compressed air. The Avelair Pure compressor converts silicone to silica which in turn eliminates this problem and offers major savings in rework and increases output quality.

Perfect for the food and beverage industry:
The Avelair Pure compressor further actively reduces fungi, bacteria and viruses and is therefore a perfect match for contact food grade applications.

Compared to traditional oil free rotary screw air compressors the Avelair Pure compressors offers reduced life-cycle costs:

• Reduced capital costs
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Reduced operational costs

and in case i forgot to mention it…higher air quality!

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Oil Free Compressed Air Class 0

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