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NEW – Plug & play containerised compressed air system

NEW – Plug & play containerised compressed air system

Introducing the latest addition to our range of air compressors

The Avelair containerised compressed air system incorporates a duty / standby Avelair evo 15 integra-D compressor configuration with integrated desiccant dryer and filtration technology offering air quality to ISO 8573 class 1.2.1.

The container is kitted with full environmental control including lighting, emergency lighting, cooling fans, heating to ensure long term reliability regardless of the ambient conditions.

The system includes a fully automated control system that will control duty changeover to ensure each compressor line has equal running hours, and also will automatically start standby compressor line if there is a system pressure drop due to duty line tripping or having a critical alarm status.   Functions are available to enable operators to manually select the duty compressor line, and each compressor line can be run in hand mode for testing after routine maintenance or fault finding.

Prevent loss of compressed air

The control system is designed to avoid a single point failure resulting in loss of the compressed air to the site. This is not only achieved by using a duty / standby compressor set up but also by careful design and selection of the control system. This is achieved by utilising two independent control system power supplies, redundancy modules, load sharing diode modules, UPS / Battery back-up, and careful selection of individual over current protection devices for all circuits. This results that no single non-critical component failure results in the control system becoming un-available.  An HMI is mounted on the main control panel located inside the compressed air container to detail graphical representation on the equipment and pipework within the container with pressure and temperature read outs. This HMI enables operators to adjust modes of operation and also has a detailed alarm buffer read out for historical data.  In the event of an alarm or trip event the control system shall provide a level of intelligence to the main site control room via remote connections to enable plant operators to be aware of alarm / trip event cause without the necessity of entering the container compressed air package enclosure.

A condensate management system is built in to split the oily condensate into oil and “clean condensate” that can then be disposed of to a foul sewer drain.

The system comes complete with GA drawings, P&ID, electrical schematics, control philosophy, test documentation, electrical installation test certificate and certificate of conformities.

Designed and manufactured by Avelair in Bury St Edmunds, UK.

Plug & play containerised compressed air system in operation


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