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VSD air compressor installation for leading Sussex recycling business

VSD air compressor installation for leading Sussex recycling business

Case Study: Avelair have recently installed two of their latest Variable Speed 45kW rotary screw air compressors into a leading recycling operation in Sussex.  The client required compressed air to run their new optical separation systems on site which they have recently installed into a new dedicated building.  Material is sent along a conveyor belt on the separation system which has sensors underneath. The sensors locate certain types of material then separate them using jets of compressed air.  They chose Avelair as they were  keen to work with a quality British air compressor manufacturer so as to have long term technical and parts support.

The Avelair compressed air system was designed for reliability and cost-effective running – the integrated inverters are manufactured by Control Techniques in Newport and this offers the ability to efficiency ramp the motor speed in response to air demand.  Alongside this, the Avelair compressors use the latest EVO airend technology which offers high compressed air output to energy input.  This combination offers real cost-effective running.

Recycling sites are inherently dusty and hence the solution was to have integrated dual stage air filtration to protect the airend as well as having the system installed in a pressurised plant room design to suck in air from the clean side of the site.  This dual stage filtration system is capable of holding 6 times more dust particles than a standard compressor air filter before it becomes blocked.  The efficiency at collecting dust particles of the dual air filter is 99.8%, whereas the efficiency of a standard air compressor filter is 98.4%.

A refrigerant air dryer with ISO 12500 validated filtration was positioned close to the separation system, in a dust free area, to ensure the compressed air was clean and dry to ISO 8573 class 1.4.2. This was installed with a bypass to allow for servicing without disruption to plant air.

Smooth bore aluminium pipework was sized to offer an extremely low pressure drop and further improve the efficiency of the system.  The pipework was leak tested and full site commissioned.  A written scheme of examination was then completed to ensure the system is legal and in line with The Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000.

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