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New air compressor installation in Essex

New air compressor installation in Essex

Case Study: Essex PoS display system manufacturer invests into Avelair VSD technology

Avelair has recently installed a new Avelair Variable Speed 11kW rotary screw air compressor into a point of sale display system manufacturer in Essex.

The client had been using a fixed speed compressor for a number of years but due to an increase in production, it could no longer keep up with their demand. Avelair’s Compressed Air Energy Consultant, David Walters, completed a detailed analysis of their compressed air usage using the latest compressor data logging technology.  The report was discussed in detail with the client highlighting air usage, pressure and status of the compressor during the working week and it was ascertained that a new 11kW variable speed air compressor would offer substantial savings and future proof their production requirements.

24/7 air compressor servicing in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Avelair manufacture the complete range of high efficiency air compressors at its Production facility in Bury St Edmunds.  A 7 man service team cover air compressors in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk with 24/7 service call outs offering long term peace of mind to our clients.  The Avelair engineers are SafeContractor certified ensuring a professional and safe service and Avelair are also proud to be recently certified with BSI to ISO 9001.

Variable speed air compressors use an inverter to ramp the motor speed in response to the demand for air ensuring reduced energy consumption and increased bottom line profit.  The inverter further saves energy by accurately maintaining the system pressure within a 0.2 bar margin, and by soft starting which reduces start up current peaks and wear on the motor and drive system.

When is a VSD the right choice?

The Avelair VSD compressor will be practically effective in saving energy where there are significant peaks and troughs in demand for compressed air.  It can also be effective when combined with a standard fixed speed compressor to top up a compressed air system during times of variable demand.

Practical air compressor technology that works

The compressor incorporates a high quality specially programmed inverter.  Linked to the compressor control system, the inverter software has been specifically designed to operate in harmony with the Avelair hardware, providing a robust and practical application of technology that is thoroughly suited to the industrial environments.

New air compressor at Essex based display systems manufacturer

New air compressor in Essex

Variable Speed Technology and ECA

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