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Create your own Nitrogen and save money

Create your own Nitrogen and save money

Avelair offer a complete turnkey package for Nitrgen Generation

Creating your own nitrogen on site can offer distinct advantages over buying it in.  The main advantage is reducing your costs as there is then no need for high nitrogen, rental and delivery costs.  With nitrogen costs continually on the rise, running your own system ensures you in charge of your costs.

Avelair offer a wide range of highly efficient and reliable nitrogen generators.  We can offer professional advice on upgrading and analysing cost savings in changing from bottled nitrogen to more cost effective in-house production and storage. Bottled or bulk stored nitrogen can cost in the region of 25 times more than producing your own.  Avelair’s consultancy team can offer professional advise and calculate cost savings in moving to your own production with nitrogen generators.

Two of the most common nitrogen generators that we supply are membrane and PSA nitrogen generators.  Please find an overview below:

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Atmospheric air contains essentially 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. To create nitrogen via a membrane nitrogen generator, dry compressed air is filtered and flowed through membrane fibers where nitrogen is separated from the compressed air. Through this process, water vapor and oxygen is removed to atmosphere, while the nitrogen gas is discharged under pressure into the distribution system. The purity of the nitrogen can be controlled by increasing the outlet from the membrane. Increasing the nitrogen flow allows more oxygen to remain in the gas stream, lowering nitrogen purity while decreasing nitrogen flow increases the purity. Purity ranges up to 99.9 % is achievable.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

Our PSA Nitrogen Generators operate on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.  The generator has two towers which are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Dry and oil free compressed air enters the bottom of the initial tower and through the carbon molecular sieve. The CMS absorbs the oxygen and other trace gasses which then allows nitrogen to pass through. The first tower then automatically switches to a regenerative mode after a pre set time, venting contaminants from the CMS.

Contact Avelair to understand how you can save money on your nitrogen requirements for laser cutting, food and beverage, laboratory usage, and electronics to name but a few.  Contact the team on or call us on 01359 272828.


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