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New 30 kW Variable Speed air compressors in Suffolk

New 30 kW Variable Speed air compressors in Suffolk

Case Study: VSD air compressors supplied to Suffolk brewery

Avelair has recently supplied two new Avelair 30 kW variable speed drive air compressors in Suffolk to a well-known brewery in Suffolk.

The air compressors in Suffolk will be offering substantial energy savings by smoothly altering the motor speed in response to demand for air. The inverter further saves energy by accurately maintaining the system pressure within a 0.1 bar margin, and by soft starting which reduces the start-up current peaks and wear on the motor and drive system. A premium efficiency IE3 motor has also be selected which offers further energy savings and 100% tax relief in the first year via the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

UK based designer and manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors

Avelair is now supporting the “Made in Britain” campaign which highlights the passion around British-made brands and UK manufacturing.  As a UK designer and manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors we are keen to champion authentic British goods to ensure we keep skills, crafts and innovation alive whilst supporting Britain’s position as the design centre of the world.  Here at Avelair, we offer total technical backup to end clients and we further offer high customer support in all areas that they may require.

Please contact the team for any details on how we can help you save money on the running of your compressed air system. Our team can offer data logging and leak detection consultancy. Our data logging service offers a full report into air usage, pressure usage and system leaks which we can then offer suggestions on how to improve the system and increase your bottom line profit.

We are a member of the British Compressed Air Society and we are ISO 9001 certified.

Air compressor services and repair in Suffolk

Avelair offers a professional service and repair to all makes of air compressors in Suffolk, including new and used equipment.

Contact us on 01359 27 28 28 for immediate advice.

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