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Food Grade compressed air – BCAS Best Practice Guideline 102

Food Grade compressed air – BCAS Best Practice Guideline 102

The British Compressed Air Society’s Best Practice Guideline 102 for food grade air is the instrumental guide in ensuring that the quality of compressed air supply is of a suitable level when it is used in food or beverage industries.  The guide details the difference and air quality required for non contact application, where there is no risk of compressed air coming into contact with the product or packaging, to Direct contact where there is a risk.  Different levels of air purification are testing are required to ensure these levels are met.

One of our existing clients in the food industry has recently installed another Avelair compressor to cope with the increased demand for compressed air in Cambridgeshire.  The existing Avelair compressor has been extremely reliable and hence the client opted for a variable speed compressor to produce air for their variable demand.

The air purification equipment was upgraded to cope with food grade direct contact application and hence a desiccant dryer with 3 stage filtration was installed and the oil was changed to food grade oil.  This was completed in line with the BCAS Best Practice Guideline 102.

The new compressors comes complete with a high efficiency IE 3 motor and inverter that are both listed on the Energy Technology List which ensures the client can obtain 100% Enhanced Capital Allowance.

If you are looking for  air compressors in Cambridgeshire, then we are confident we can offer a highly efficient, reliable and cost effective solution.

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