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Case Study: 280kW of compressed air power

Case Study: 280kW of compressed air power

Avelair have recently installed 280kW of compressed air power at a new recycling facility in Wales. The compressors were delivered in OEM blue to compliment the new facility where the main air is being used for optical separation of material.  The material to be sorted is initially fed onto an acceleration conveyor to spread the material to a single layer.  The optical separators use high level sensors to identify the materials and then use compressed air to separate products of different materials. .  Compared to manual sorting, optical sorting helps maximize throughput and increase yields while reducing labour costs.

The high quality system comprises of two Avelair ultra efficient Variable Speed Drive VSD 75 rotary screw air compressors, a fixed speed Avelair 55kW air compressor and a fixed speed Avelair 75kW air compressor along with high quality compressed air treatment provides 2400m3/hr at 10 bar and air quality to ISO 8573 class 1.4.1.  The British manufactured compressors are managed by a high level compressor management controller ensuring optimum running performance, reduced pressure differential and high reliability.  The engineering team spent 6 weeks on site completing the installation along with over half a kilometer of smooth bore aluminium pipework ranging from 110mm down to 32mm to ensure an extremely low pressure drop across the system.  The system was fully pressure tested and a comprehensive Written Scheme of Examination was completed to ensure it is legally compliant with the Pressure Systems Regulations 2000.

Image of main plant area incorporating 4 x Avelair rotary screw air compressors and high level air treatment.

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