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Water Industry – WIMES compliant compressors

Water Industry – WIMES compliant compressors

Avelair can offer bespoke air compressor packages built to WIMES – the Water Industry and Mechanical Engineering Standards and have supplied these to Scottish Water, Anglia Water, Southern Water, Welsh Water to name but a few.

Avelair can offer bespoke air compressor packages built to WIMES – the Water Industry and Mechanical Engineering Standards and have supplied these to Scottish Water, Anglia Water, Southern Water, Welsh Water to name but a few.  These packages are normally duty / standby air compressors with the necessary air treatment and control required for individual site requirements.  Please find an overview below:

Type: Rotary screw air compressors   •     Airend: Encapsulated  •     Motor: High efficiency IE 3 .      •     Pressure range: 6 – 14.5 bar    •     Capacity: 0 – 1500 m³/hr

Specification:  The cable and sizes in the electrical panel will be compliant with:

WIMES 3.01 Low voltage switchgear & control gear assembles

WIMES 3.04 Low voltage electrical specification for package plant

 Test function isolator as required in the above spec.

Traffolyte labels on the exterior as require in the above spec

Identification and labelling of conductors and equipment

Food grade lubricant

Available as packed units complete with receivers, filtration, dryers, and condensate management systems or as duplex skid mounted and containerised systems.

Control options: Standard Control via electronic S1 controller

Each compressor is fitted with its own local controller giving a de-centralised system in event of Common control section or communications failure, enabling both compressors to be able to run individually, giving maximum plant availability. The local controller also enables machine specific parameters to be adjusted or modified.

The S1 controllers will enable full running control and plant availability, but is limited on amount of information and diagnostic data it can provide

  • Hours run
  • Outlet pressure
  • Internal pressure
  • Running temperature
  • Service due
  • Machine operating status
  • Fault and alarm can all be viewed locally

Remote signals available:

  • Running
  • Faults
  • Machine availability

Control options: Advanced Control via Schnieder HMI

Avelair can offer sophisticated compressor controllers giving full running control and maximum plant availability, this system gives full information and diagnostic data, all of which can be made available to client’s master controller. These benefits are outlined as follows.

This system offers comprehensive protection of the motor feeder by means of a combination of different, multi-step and delayable protection and monitoring functions:

  • Inverse-time delayed solid-state overload protection

(CLASS 5 to 40)

  • Thermistor motor protection
  • Phase failure/unbalance protection
  • Stall protection
  • Monitoring of adjustable limit values for the motor current
  • Voltage and power monitoring
  • Monitoring of the power factor (motor idling/load shedding)
  • Ground-fault monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring, e. g. over PT100/PT1000
  • Monitoring of operating hours, downtime and number of starts, etc.

 This system can record measuring curves and therefore is able, for example, to present the progression of motor current during motor start-up. Different operating, service and diagnostics data available and helps to detect potential faults in time and to prevent them by means of preventative measures. In the event of a malfunction, a fault can be diagnosed, localized and rectified very quickly – there are no or very short downtimes.

Available Operating data

  • Motor switching state derived from the current flow in the main circuit
  • All phase currents
  • All phase voltages and phase-to-phase voltage
  • Active power, apparent power and power factor
  • Phase unbalance and phase sequence
  • Time to trip
  • Motor temperature
  • Remaining cooling time, etc. Service data
  • Motor operating hours
  • Motor stop times
  • Number of motor starts
  • Number of overload trips
  • Interval for compulsory testing of the enabling circuits
  • Energy consumed
  • Internal comments stored in the device etc. Diagnostics data
  • Numerous detailed early warning and fault messages
  • Internal device fault logging with time stamp
  • Time stamping of freely selectable status, alarm or fault messages etc.


This system has either an integrated PROFIBUS DP interface (SUB-D or terminal connection) or a PROFINET interface (2 x RJ45).

  • Cyclic services (DPV0) and acyclic services (DPV1)
  • Extensive diagnostics and process alarms
  • Time stamp with high timing precision
  • DPV1 communication after the Y-Link
  • Line and ring bus topology thanks to an integrated switch
  • Media redundancy via MRP protocol
  • Operating, service and diagnostics data via standard web browser
  • OPC UA server for open communication with visualization and control system
  • NTP-synchronized time
  • Interval function and measured values for energy management via PROFIenergy
  • Module exchange without PC memory module through proximity detection
  • Extensive diagnostics and maintenance alarms

Avelairs sophisticated compressor controller system contributes to energy efficiency throughout the plant as follows:

  • Energy consumption
  • Clear display of the energy consumption of compressor motor by means of the acquisition and transmission of all operating and consumption date, such as current, voltage, active and reactive power, energy consumption, motor temperature, etc.
  • Energy management:

Evaluation of energy measured values (e. g. limit value monitoring) with exporting of local or central actions (= forwarding to higher-level)

  • PROFIenergy

The controller supports the PROFIenergy functions. Reduced energy consumption thanks to automatic disconnection in the intervals and forwarding of the measured values for higher-level energy management systems.

Additional options for either control system

  • Automatic power out restart
  • Automatic switch over on power failure for duplex systems
  • Audio and visual alarm for power failure on each compressor (not container)

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