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Step 2: Analysis

Understand your complete air system

Once the Step 1 audit is complete, our specialists will arrange a visit to discuss the audit report in detail with your input.  This offers an opportunity to discuss the following:

  • Minimum, maximum and average air flow consumption
  • Potential future additional air demand and pressure
  • Running pressure of the system
  • Status of the compressors – efficient / non efficient
  • Running costs – on load / off load / annual consumption
  • Leakage in the compressed air pipework – amount and annual costs
  • Carbon emmissions
  • Air quality required and air quality on site
  • Condensate
  • Written Scheme of Examinations
  • Air quality testing if required

Through the above discussions together with your input, we will improve our understanding of how you use compressed air on-site, and we can then identify areas of efficiency.  Some will not cost any money, and some may need investment but with identified paybacks.

Savings can be made in many areas such as:

  • Detetcting and repairing compressed air leaks in pipework will reduce compressor running costs, wear and tear and servicing costs.
  • Lowering the operating pressure of your compressors reduces your electrical running costs
  • Turning certain compressors off may reduce energy consumption
  • Installing timers into the system to ensure equipment are not running when not in use
  • Compressor management optimises your compressed air electrical costs and servicing costs
  • Variable Speed air compressor technology can offer significant paybacks sometimes in less than a year with new warranties offering reduced breakdown costs.
  • Ensuring you have the necessary air treatment equipment in place to offer the air quality you require and not exceeding this as additional air treatment equipment will cost more to run, increases pressure drops and more cost to maintain.

Please contact the team on 01359 272828 to arrange.

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