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Step 1: Audit

Step 1 - Auditing

An audit of your compressed air system is the first step to understand how you are using your compressed air and to identify areas that can be improved to reduce overall energy consumption.  We have invested into the latest compressed air Energy Monitoring equipment which is capable of monitoring the usage of pressure and air capacity down to the second.

We would arrange a convenient time to visit site and to install a clamp meter on the incoming supply to your compressor(s) and also a pressure transducer into your compressed air system.  These would be left on to monitor for a full 7 day week including the weekend.  We would ideally like you to leave the compressors on at all times so if there are periods when you are not using compressed air, we can zoom into these times and understand the potential leakage in the compressed air pipework.

Once the loggers are removed, the data is downloaded to the cloud and our compressed air specialists will produce a detailed report.  A  visit is then arranged to discuss this in detail with you.

Please contact the team on 01359 272828 to arrange.

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