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Advanced control systems

Advanced control systems

Avelair’s Advanced Control System offers integrated ETHERNET or FIELDBUS interface to Higher Level Control or Monitoring systems.

Available Operating data:

  • Motor switching state derived from the current flow in the main circuit
  • All phase currents, voltages and phase-to-phase voltages
  • Active power, apparent power and power factor
  • Phase unbalance and phase sequence
  • Motor temperature, Number of overload trips & remaining cooling time, etc.
  • All Service data
  • All Diagnostics data
  • Detailed early warning and fault messages
  • Internal device fault logging with time stamp
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Energy efficiency

It contributes to energy efficiency throughout the plant as follows:

  • Energy consumption & Energy management

Clear display of the energy consumption such as current, voltage, active and reactive power, energy consumption, motor temperature, etc.

Evaluation of energy measured values (e. g. limit value monitoring) with exporting of data available

The controller supports energy saving functions with reduced energy consumption thanks to automatic disconnection at required intervals and forwarding of the measured values for higher-level energy management systems.

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