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Written Schemes of Examination

Written Schemes of Examination

The pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 came into force on 21st February 2000.

Users and owners of pressure systems are now required to demonstrate that they know the safe operating limits, principally pressure and temperature, of their pressure systems, and that the systems are safe under those conditions.  They need to ensure that a suitable written Scheme of Examination is in place before the system is operated.  They also need to ensure that the pressure system is actually examined in accordance with the written Scheme of Examination.

A compressed air receiver and the associated pipework, where the product of the pressure in bars multiplied by the internal capacity in litres of the receiver is equal to, or greater than 250 bar litres, may require a written Scheme of Examination.

The written Scheme of Examination must be suitable throughout the lifetime of the plant or equipment.  It must therefore, be reviewed on a regular basis and amended accordingly, when required.

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