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Breathing Air Quality Testing

Breathing Air Quality Testing

Avelair provide compressed air quality and breathing air testing for a wide range of automotive, commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, dive and fire service industries.

Our equipment confirms the air purity in accordance with the latest BS EN /12021 requirements.

SubstanceExtract from BS EN 12021:2014 - Clause 6.
Contaminants – Compressed gas for breathing shall not contain contaminants at a concentration which can cause toxic or harmful effects. In any event, all contaminants shall be kept to as low a level as possible and shall be less than one tenth of a national 8 h exposure limit. For breathing air only the limit shall be less than one sixth of a national 8 h exposure limit. (WEL – See EH40)
Oxygen(21 ± 1) % by volume (dry air)
Carbon monoxide≤ 5ml/m3 (now at the same level as was formerly indicated in BS 4275)
Carbon dioxide500ml/m3
Oil0,5 mg/m3 (previously identified as lubricants [droplets or mist])
Odour/tasteShall be free from unsatisfactory odour or taste
WaterSee Note 1 and 2 - (Previously stated as "There shall be no free liquid water")
Note 1 – Compressed breathing air shall have a dew point sufficiently low to prevent condensation and freezing. Where the apparatus is used and stored at a known temperature the pressure dew point shall be at least 5 °C below the likely lowest temperature.

Note 2 – Where the conditions of usage and storage of any compressed air supply is not known the pressure dew point shall not exceed −11 °C.
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