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Air Compressor Service, Repair and Supply in Essex

Air Compressor Service, Repair and Supply in Essex

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Our engineering team offer full 24/7 air compressor servicing throughout the Essex region.  We service all types of air compressors, refrigerant and desiccant dryers, filtration , oil water separators, condensate management systems and automatic drains ensuring your complete system is fully functional.

Our engineers are working air compressors in Essex on a daily basis so we are never that far away.  We also offer compressed air pipework installations, compressed air quality testing, energy consultancy, and new reliable equipment.

Our Engineers are trained in Compressed Air Safety, Safe Practice Working, Manual Handling, Risk Assessments, COSHH, Fire Safety, and Working at Heights. They are also IPAF Scissor lift certified, Forklift trained, Compex certified for Hazardous Areas, & F-Gas Refrigerant Certified. Our training in continuous ensuring Health and Safety is always the priority.

Contact the Avelair team on 01359 272828 to see how we can help – reliable, professional and cost effective services.

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Avelair are the leading UK designer and manufacturer of rotary screw air compressors.  If you require rotary screw air compressors in Essex, we are an ideal supplier.  We ensure that we offer you a solution not just a product.  Our friendly and professional consultants are here to advise you on the most efficient systems to suit your budget.  As a UK manufacturer of air compressors, we can supply companies in Essex on a direct basis ensuring optimum long term parts and support.

Energy efficient solutions:

Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility. It is essential to all types of businesses to provide a safe and reliable source of power. Air compressors do though use a considerable amount of electricity to produce the compressed air that is needed. We have recently assisted a UK engineering company in optimising their compressed air efficiency and air compressors in Essex – see case study at the bottom of this page.

Our compressed air Energy Monitoring equipment is capable of monitoring the usage of pressure and air capacity on all types of air compressors and compressed air systems. This is then analysed in detail. A visit can then be arranged by our consultants to discuss requirements and any recommendations. There is no cost our service for companies that are dedicated to increasing their efficiency and bottom line profit.

Our specialist compressed air consultants can offer detailed advice on how to ensure optimum efficiency in your compressed air system. This can include analysing the leakage rate in the pipework system and reducing the working pressure of the system. Further to that we can ensure the compressors are run in the most efficient manner and that the design of the air compressor system is optimum.

Our team can offer critical advice on legislation under the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000 to ensure you comply. Air quality requirements for processes and applications are critical and we can further offer advice and solutions providing correct air quality for breathing air or food contact / non contact applications.

8 year warranty

Case Study: Air compressors in Essex

Our team have recently assisted a UK engineering company with upgrading their air compressors in Essex. Their system was logged for a week, and the report detailed that significant savings could be made by fixing the air leaks on site, reducing their system pressure and upgrading their 10 year old fixed speed compressors to a new variable speed air compressors. The old compressors were not only inefficient but were starting to cost in terms of breakdowns and major repairs. The new Avelair compressors which are manufactured in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, are offered with an 8 year performance+ airend warranty which ensured that they could accurately budget for the servicing without any unexpected costs. Avelair have supplied numerous air compressors in Essex and we are working with small to large companies to help them not only improve their efficiency but also in offering a very high level of service ensuring long term reliability on their air compressors in Essex and compressed air systems.

We are a long term member of the British Compressed Air Society and work in accordance with their recommendations.  Avelair have also recently been certified with UKAS accreditation for our ISO 9001 quality system with British Standards Institute.

Contact the team on 01359 272828 to see how we can help with your air compressors in Essex.

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