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Air Compressors East Midlands

Avelair offer compressed air solutions for all types of air compressors in the East Midlands.

Avelair offer compressed air solutions in the East Midlands covering Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland. Contact us on 01359 272828 to see how we can help in terms of air compressor servicing, air compressor breakdowns and new compressed air equipment.


Avelair have recently installed a new Variable Speed 22kW rotary screw air compressor with full air treatment equipment into a customer’s existing site in Lincolnshire.  The customer was using a fixed speed compressor although he has a variable usage of compressed air and the Avelair VSD  compressor was the perfect choice.  The Avelair VSD compressors uses a high performance inverter to ramp the motor speed in response to demand, ensuring they only pay for the compressed air they use.  The inverter further saves energy by accurately maintaining the system pressure within a 0.1 bar margin, and by soft starting which reduces start up current peaks and wear on the motor and drive system.

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