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Air Energy Monitoring

Air Energy Monitoring

Our compressed air Energy Monitoring equipment is capable of monitoring the usage of pressure and air capacity down to the second.

Avelair have invested into the latest data logging technology which can be installed onto your compressors and which we would leave on to monitor for a full 7 day week including the weekend.   This is then analysed in detail and a visit arranged to discuss requirements and any recommendations.

Savings can be made in many areas such as :

  • Reducing compressed air leaks in pipework will reduce compressor running costs, wear and tear and servicing costs.
  • Running hour analysis optimises our compressed air reliability and servicing costs
  • Lowering the operating pressure of your compressors reduces your electrical running costs
  • Compressor management optimises your compressed air electrical costs and servicing costs
  • Variable Speed air compressor technology can offer significant paybacks sometimes in less than a year with new warranties offering reduced breakdown costs.

Improve your understanding of how you use your compressed air, and see significant savings.

Please contact the team on 01359 272828 to see how we can assist you with reducing your compressed air associated costs.



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