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Portable Diesel Air Compressors

Portable Diesel Air Compressors

The range of Avelair portable diesel air compressors stand out for their performance and design ensuring superior compressed air reliability,

Overview – Avelair portable diesel air compressors

The range of Avelair portable diesel air compressors stand out for their performance, in particular thanks to its KUBOTA engine and their design ensuring superior compressed air reliability.

The Avelair range of diesel air compressors are also acclaimed for its ergonomics, known to be the most compact on the market, and by the ease of maintenance.  The access for maintenance is extremely user friendly by lifting up the access hood to facilitate access to components.  The ail-oil separation is completed in 3 steps offering a superior compressed air quality at the discharge of the compressor.

But what undeniably makes the strength of the Avelair range is its versatility thanks to several configurations.  The diesel air compressors can be skid mounted, trailer mounted or axle mounted.

Portable Diesel Compressors

Compressor on SKID

With this SKID configuration, the compactness characteristic of the Avelair portable diesel air compressor takes on its full meaning. By integrating all round fork holes, the diesel air compressor becomes very easy to handle from all 4 sides. This stacking possibility saves space and significant logistics costs.

In this configuration, the Avelair compressor can also be installed at the rear of a truck or a Pick-Up.

Axle compressor

The portable diesel compressor on axle is ideal for use on site thanks to an excellent distribution of masses and a total loaded weight of less than 750 kg.

For even more ease of use in site conditions, the axle is reversible on certain models in the range.

Trailer mounted compressor

This configuration combines both the advantages of the SKID version and those of the axle version. Thanks to a patented attachment system, the diesel air compressor and trailer can be detached in just 2 minutes.

The trailer is also designed to be completely independent and used for purposes other than transporting the compressor.

With the diesel air compressor on trailer configuration, Avelair pushes the versatility of its portable diesel air compressors range to the maximum.

Download data sheets

AP 75 data sheet – 75 cfm diesel compressor

AP180 data sheet – 180 cfm diesel compressor

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