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Fixed Speed Air Compressors

The Avelair range of Rotary Screw Air compressors are built in the UK, ensuring short delivery times on equipment and next day delivery on service and spare components.

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The Avelair range of air compressors are the product of vigorous testing and re-evaluation, which has resulted in one of the most dependable air compressors on the market today.  All our air compressors are extensively tested before leaving the factory ensuring long term reliability and giving you peace of mind.

Motor range: 2.2 kW – 160 kW    •    Capacity range: up to 910 cfm    •    Capacity range: up to 910 cfm    •    Efficiency: Fixed Speed    •    Type: Oil lubricated or Oil free air systems

5 Years Warranty IE3 efficiency Made in Britain

Advantages of the Avelair Fixed Speed Air Compressors

Efficiency:  High efficiency motors are used throughout the range offering less consumed power than standard motors.

Design:  The compressors have been developed for ease of maintenance and reliability.  The compressors can also be serviced from the front allowing them to be positioned against a wall.

Low Noise:  Extremely low noise operating levels allow positioning of compressors within the work place, even in the immediate vicinity of personnel

Manoeuvrability:  The complete range of Avelair compressors have specifically designed holes for forklifts enabling ease of installation.

Low Maintenance:  Careful placement of service items allow for ease of maintenance and reduction in costs

Reliability:  High quality compressors suitable for all industrial and automotive applications.

Full Aftercare:  Compressors are built in the UK offering a full Technical, Service and Sales backup.

Our Fixed speed rotary screw compressors

The Avelair fixed speed compressors are efficient to constant air demand users. When air demand reduces, the compressors will run offload making it less efficient to run than a variable speed compressor.

ModelMotorCapacity 8 barCapacity 10 barReceiver size optionalBuilt on dryer / filters optional
EDN 44kW20 cfm17 m3/hrn/an/a250Lyes
EDN 2.22.2kW10 cfm34 m3/hr15 cfm26 m3/hr250Lyes
EDN 5.55.5kW28 cfm48 m3/hr24 cfm41 m3/hr250Lyes
EDN 7.57.5kW39 cfm66 m3/hr33 cfm56 m3/hr250Lyes
EDN 1111kW58 cfm99 m3/hr49 cfm83 m3/hr300Lyes
EDN 1515kW72 cfm122 m3/hr56 cfm95 m3/hr300Lyes
LE 1515kW88 cfm150 m3/hr80 cfm136 m3/hr640Lyes
LE 18.518.5kW108 cfm183 m3/hr94 cfm160 m3/hr640Lyes
LE 2222kW120 cfm204 m3/hr106 cfm180 m3/hr640Lyes
LE 3030kW141 cfm240 m3/hr127 cfm216 m3/hr640L
RMS 3030kW186 cfm316 m3/hr169 cfm286 m3/hr
RMS 3737kW221 cfm375 m3/hr198 cfm336 m3/hr
RMS 4545kW265 cfm450 m3/hr238 cfm405 m3/hr
RMS 5555kW292 cfm496 m3/hr263 cfm447 m3/hr
LS 4545kW295 cfm502 m3/hr255 cfm434 m3/hr
LS 5555kW360 cfm612 m3/hr314 cfm534 m3/hr
LS 7575kW466 cfm793 m3/hr414 cfm707 m3/hr
LS 9090kW550 cfm935 m3/hr494 cfm840 m3/hr

Energy technology list

Avelair’s fixed speed air compressors are efficient for constant demand.  If you have variable demand then a variable speed compressor may save you substantial running costs.  The highly efficient inverters we use are qualified for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) and can provide businesses with enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria.

Our Air Compressors

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